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I’ve just had to buy a new stair gate. Really annoying as you would think with the triplets now aged two and a half, we would be moving away from such things, instead I’m having to re think the ‘security’ system I have in place and take it up to a whole new level. Ella is the leader of the pack. She figured out how to unlock the downstairs gate a few weeks ago and it’s probably no coincidence that since then I seem to have been coping a little less well than usual. I understand their need to explore and I get that they want to be near me and involve themselves in what I’m doing in but it’s driving me crazy. There isn’t room to swing a cat in our teeny, tiny kitchen let alone three little monkeys hell bent on finding sharp objects, poisonous cleaning fluids and pieces of mouldy toast. And they can now get upstairs – into my bedroom. This really isn’t good and does not get my day off to a great start. If I can just have ten minutes alone in the morning to shower and get dressed, put a bit of make up on and make my bed I honestly feel like I can cope with whatever lies in store but take away those precious moments and it’s just down hill all the way. One blessing is that they’re still sleeping in cots. I’m sure they could quite easily climb out of them but that penny has yet to drop and for that I am so grateful. ‘When are you going to move them into beds?’ I’m asked fairly frequently. I mumble an answer, something along the lines of , ‘Soon,’ and change the subject. I’ll need more than a new stair gate when that day arrives. I think I’ll order a cosy little padded cell – Ebay, maybe? Lock myself in and throw away the key….

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