I’m an author, columnist, speaker and long term cancer thriver.

I’m known on social media as @limitless_em – a handle I adopted following my third cancer diagnosis in 2019 to serve as a daily reminder to myself that we are all ‘limitless’ and capable of so much more than we often realise.

I am passionate about showing that it’s possible to live a big, bold and expansive life despite living with a chronic illness.

My memoir, ‘All That Followed – A Story Of Cancer, Kids and the Fear Of Leaving Too Soon’ was published in August 2018 and charts the story from the birth of my triplets to dealing with breast cancer as a single mum of four and how the anxiety and fear of recurrence impacted so heavily on my life until I began to find a way to look at my circumstances through a different lens.

Along with consciously practicing gratitude and being mindful that the thoughts and words we use in every day life have an energy behind them, running has also become one of the wellbeing ‘resources’ I draw on.  Alongside the obvious physical benefits, the improvement to my mental and emotional health has been enormous.

I write a regular column for Women’s Running Magazine am a proud member of the ‘Celebrate You’ team for the Vitality 10K and recently completed the 2020 40th London Marathon.