Public Speaking & Events

Corporate, charity, wellness, mindset keynote speaker and panel guest.

Public Speaking & Events

Corporate, charity, wellness, mindset keynote speaker and panel guest.

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I love to speak about how I transformed my fear of death into a love for life. How after nearly a decade of being consumed by my cancer diagnosis, I found a way to ‘turn the volume’ down on catastrophic thoughts and worst case scenarios and let the light in. 

I passionately believe that the thoughts we think and where we choose to place our attention plays a huge part in how our lives unfold. Over the last decade, I’ve slowly but surely gathered an ‘emotional tool box’ that allows me to live a big, bold and optimistic life. 

Following my initial breast cancer diagnosis in 2010 as a single mum of a six year old and six month old triplets, I was paralysed with thoughts of recurrence and premature death. These thoughts dominated my life in every single way for years. 

After hitting a personal rock bottom in 2017,  I slowly began to commit to looking at life through a different lens. I began practising gratitude, running, consciously shifting my focus towards thoughts that felt good. 

Slowly, the darkness began to fade and I realised that it was safe for me to feel happy and hopeful about how life could be. 

My talks are warm, engaging, honest, anecdotal and relatable with transformative messages throughout. 

I am a mother, a wife, a friend, a vibrant, strong woman who happens to be living with a potentially life limiting disease. I spent too many years living as though I was dying and now, to share the profound advice offered by my eldest son on the day of my third diagnosis, I’ve found a way to ‘live like it’s not there’ 

We all have an ‘it’.  We all have challenges to face that can feel unsurmountable. 

By allowing ourselves to embrace a vision of the future we desire we can free ourselves from the constraints of the trauma of the past. 



“We were honoured to have Emma join us at WeAreTheCity for our recent event on Menopause. Emma totally captivated our audience by sharing her own story of an induced menopause due to her cancer treatment. Emma’s speaking style is so authentic and warm, she really has a way of making you feel that you are the only one in the room and that she is speaking directly to you. The feedback was exceptional and left our audience of corporate women feeling like they were as limitless as Emma is herself!”

Vanessa Vallely OBECEO, WeAreTheCity

Bath Festival – May 2022

May 2022: In conversation with author, speaker and CoppaFeel founder, Kris Hallenga at the Bath Festival.

Spectrum Life Wellbeing Event hosted by Clare Mckenna

We Get It Together – ‘Get It Checked’ Campaign

“It’s not often an external speaker will leave it’s audience inspired from the first to last words - Emma did exactly that. Any organisation wishing to inspire it’s colleagues by spending a short time in someone else’s shoes, you should speak with Emma."”

Martin RobertsMental Health Lead, Lloyds Banking Group

“"Emma recently delivered one of the most memorable and moving opening speeches we’ve heard at any of our conferences. She’s a gifted storyteller and inspirational speaker.”

Adeela WarleyCEO of Charity Comms

Panel Event hosted by Jenni Murray for Breast Cancer Now – discussing Breast Cancer and Body Image.

2022: Asda Tickled Pink 25th Anniversary Event at Somerset House

February 2019: The power of human stories: how to be an authentic storyteller.

Organised by Charity Comms.

“Emma recently delivered one of the most memorable and moving opening speeches we’ve heard at any of our conferences. She is a gifted storyteller and inspirational speaker who generously shares her experiences as a mum and cancer patient in order to reach and connect with others.”

CEO of CharityComms – Adeela Warley. The power of human stories –  how to be an authentic storyteller. Feb 28th 2019.

Cancer & Sex, with Emma Campbell & Sober Dave. Hosted by We Get It Together, October 2019. Cafe Walcot, Bath.

Sharing my story in front of CRUK employees as part of their London Roadshow. March 2018

The Nurture Channel.  With Deborah James, discussing parenting and cancer.  August 2018

Shine Night Walk London. September 2018 –  crowd of 10,000 walkers! Telling a little of my story and cheering them on…

‘Resilience & Recovery’ panel event at White City House hosted by Emma Mainoo from Surviving Sundays, with Jakob Hazell and Natasha Bailey. March 2020