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Time flies when you’re having fun. Last year’s good intentions of daily blogging were overtaken by just getting through each day hence months and months between posts but now, the triplets have just turned two and a half and as I’ve realised that there is no sign of let up, I might as well give it a go and stop waiting for the day when I’ve got ‘time’…

Three two and a half year olds in one room is what’s generally known as a creche or nursery. Two or three hour sessions are the norm and then it’s home time and peace is restored. Not in my world. Today hasn’t been bad though, as rainy Sundays go. For a start I woke up at 7.55am to a silent house – yes, that’s right, nearly 8 o’clock! First thoughts: carbon monoxide poisoning. How could it be that all four of my children were still sleeping? I allowed myself to doze for another ten minutes or so but the horrible headlines wouldn’t go away and so with slight trepidation and bated breath I crept into the triplets bedroom wondering what I’d find. Wow. Three very dozy but content toddlers lying in their cots with no apparent desire to move. I half expected to see them reaching for coffee and the Sunday papers. Is that a light I can see flickering at the end of the tunnel?!

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