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Yesterday, after another fun filled morning spent fighting against my current reality and resenting my offspring for being unable to let a minute pass without a grizzle, whine or biting incident I gave them a speedy, bad mother’s lunch and chased them upstairs for a nap. Back down in the living room I set to work. I was on a mission. I had made a decision. The plastic had to go. I tipped out every basket, container and box that was overflowing with multi coloured tat and bin liner in hand, started to get rid. Call me ruthless, call me anything you like but god, it felt good. An hour or so later all that was left was an animal box, a transport basket and a ‘miscellaneous’ corner. I even separated Ella’s pink bits from the boys and attempted to create a little space just for her. The floor space in the living room seemed to have doubled and well, I don’t know much about Feng-Shui but my chi was certainly flowing in a jauntier direction. I got the hoover out and into previously unavailable corners, lit some incense and felt a little flutter of optimism stir in my belly. It won’t always be like this, I thought to myself. Sundays won’t always feel like the toughest (loneliest) day of the week. One day, in the not to distant future, I’ll be able to put books on my shelves again and read a newspaper. One day, the five of us will sit down together and watch a movie and it will be a pleasurable, heart warming this is what it’s all about experience. One day soon I won’t have to scrape food off the floor after every meal feeling like I’m turning into Hilda Ogden minus the fags and flying ducks.

The afternoon was much more fun. I was definitely in better spirits and maybe I imagined it but the triplets seemed calmer and were certainly oblivious (phew) to the fact that fifty percent of their toys had vanished since lunch.

I didn’t feel too guilty, I’d kept all the good stuff. Maybe that’s what it’s all about – streamlining and stripping back until all that remains is either essential or beautiful. Hmmm, anything else surplus to requirements in my messy, overcrowded life? This could be the start of something…

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