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I’m ageing by the day. Shuffling around the house in my slippers, bending over and not being able to straighten up without clutching my lower back and turning the air blue, getting giddy about the prospect of bedtime and a book. It’s got to stop. Where’s the second chance me? The seizing the moment and saying yes to everything me? She’s rinsing out a smelly j-cloth somewhere, worn out, wrinkled and waiting for the menopause. Enough is enough is enough. The deeply unflattering dressing gown has got to go. The sleeping in tracksuit bottoms and a t-shirt has to stop. The eating a thrown together meal on the sofa staring vacantly at the telly is not good. I get my little thrills from listening to the adventures of others and, to be honest, it’s feeling a little tragic. Okay, so I’ve got a bit of baggage. I’m single but not exactly young and free. Is it really all over? It’s hard, fighting against the daily grind and sorry, where was I.. just had to pause there to turn Jake’s bath towel into a toga. He’s back downstairs on the sofa now, my mini Olympian, his (quite impressive) commentary flying up the stairs and along the landing to where I sit naval gazing. So, yes..back to the daily grind and all that. Do I get to go a little crazy again? To sit on a beach watching the sun come up or jump in a car or on a train with no itinerary, just a sense of adventure. The truth is, I never really had a crazy time. I was the most sensible teenager you could meet. My twenties saw me still stuck in adolescence, scared of everything and rooted to the spot. Thirties came and went in a flash, bouncing from drama to drama to drama. And now, look at me – I’m a walking talking mid life crisis! Longing to make up for lost time, to replace the traumas with triumphs and the monotony with magic. The thing is, I’m surrounded by magic every single day. I share my world with four angels who regularly take my breath away and a body that, right now, is proving to be a pretty good friend. The world is my oyster, surely? If I could I’d head off on a round the world adventure with my babies – mini backpacks, mosquito repellent and their favourite cuddly toys. It would be amazing. Me and my four – taking on the world. We could light up the sky, I just know it…

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