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I’m in denial. Serious denial about the fact that in three weeks time I will be donning my scruffy trainers, borrowing one of my mother’s trusty bum bags, filling it with sugary snacks, plasters, some kind of under the counter medication and attempting to walk a full marathon. That’s twenty six miles – and a bit. I feel quite sick every time I think about it and so have decided not to think about it. This approach has been working very well except that as the big night draws near the jolly cries of “How’s the training going?” from well meaning if slightly baffled friends are becoming more and more frequent and I’m wondering where I can hide.

I have done no training. I have not trained. Trained? No, I haven’t. How else can I put it? I haven’t even jumped off the bus a stop early on the way home from work. Okay, so I’ve been running a bit, jogging around the common and doing the odd leg lunge and that feels great but it’s different and sadly, I don’t think it counts. My heart rate goes shooting up, I turn a deep shade of red and work up a nice sweaty sweat but it’s all over and done with in about thirty minutes. Nothing to do with stamina..staying power. Stamina and staying power are what I need and I have neither.

Maybe it’ll be okay. The route of the walk takes us around some of London’s most famous landmarks so maybe if I just pretend that I’m an overseas visitor meandering around a glorious city I won’t notice the hours ticking by and the miles stretching ahead. Hmm. The only problem with that plan is that SHINE is a night time event that kicks off when I normally fall into bed. And all the shops will be closed. Not to mention all the branches of Pret A Manger.

Don’t get me wrong. I really want to do it. I want to raise money for an amazing charity and feel a sense of pride and achievement when I cross the finishing line along with thousands

of other people whose lives have all been touched by something that isn’t much fun. I’m just a little worried that I might cross the finishing line when the turkey sandwiches are being passed around on Boxing Day.

So, anyway – just wanted to let you know that come the end of September/early October if I go off air for a bit not to worry – I’ll be back. Eventually.

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