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We did it. Made it through the summer holidays with our heads held high. We managed to complete most of the items on our list and had quite a bit of fun in the process. I’ve been reaching over my shoulder and patting myself on the back all day. And exhaling loudly. Without any involvement or assistance whatsoever from a certain person I co-ordinated and chartered my way through the six and a half week school break without a single trip to A&E or a drop of anything stronger than vin rouge.

Okay, so things got off to a dodgy start with the whole France debacle but we survived and moved on, adjusting our compass and looking forward. In the playground this morning it felt great to be able to smile and say ‘yes, thank you, we had a lovely summer’ to those that asked. What a change from the last few years. This time round we went to places, just like everyone else. We packed up the car and headed off in the direction of the sea just like ‘normal’ families do. Ella, Louis and Theo paddled for the very first time. It was a freezing cold day, the beach was deserted and we scurried back to the car after about twenty minutes but my little trio finally got to experience salt water between their toes and sand in their shoes and that warmed my insides like nothing else. Just making it through one twenty four hour stay at a dear friend’s house felt like something worthy of a gold medal. So what that I had the worst sleep I’d had in months because the triplets were awake at various points all night long and ready for breakfast at five am. So what that the traffic was so bad on the journey down that we sat for an hour in the midday sun with the engine off and not a drop of water between us. That’s all forgotten now. What remains is the knowledge that as daunting as it might have seemed I’ve learnt that we can all go away together and call it a ‘holiday.’ Even if it is just for one night. Infinity pools in the Maldives? Lovely, of course – but for now I’m content with knowing that me and my four left our footprints in the sand down on the Sussex coast one Monday morning in August. Next year we’ll build sandcastles…

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