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Today was spent watching Ella scribble on a freshly painted wall in a gorgeous house in north west London and be applauded and rewarded for doing so. All in the name of cancer research. We were filming a short clip for CRUK’s forthcoming Stand Up To Cancer telethon and well, Ella took to her part like a duck to water. A simple, heartwarming little scene – Mum (er, that’s me) finds daughter scribbling on the kitchen wall, looks momentarily cross then breaks into a loving smile and reaching for a chubby crayola of her own, joins in.

Let’s be honest- it was never going to be much of a stretch for my very own little Banksy. The walls of our house have long since resembled something you might see under the arches at Waterloo station and so I really wasn’t too worried about my darling girl not embracing the role of pint sized graffiti artist with great gusto. A tad more acting was required from me I have to say. I just kept thinking about how often I yell at her and her brothers as they run towards my magnolia walls brandishing a chunky felt tip and how I now keep every single crayon, marker, biro and blunt IKEA pencil so far out of reach that when it comes to writing a shopping list or jotting down a phone number you can just forget it.

She stole the show off camera too. Obviously. We joined the crew for lunch on the catering bus and all tucked into crumble and custard. Standing up on her seat and bouncing up and down, Miss Ella prodded the cameraman sitting behind us on the shoulder. Repeatedly.

‘I NOT SHY!’ she shrieked at him emphatically as the entire bus turned their heads to see where the noise was coming from. He smiled politely, not daring to disagree and doing his best not to choke on a piece of rhubarb.

Filming finished, she swept out of the house flicking her hair,waving an aloof farewell to her team of lackeys and once safely harnessed in the back of the car fell instantly into a deep slumber.

Not shy? Where the hell was I when they were dishing out the kind of confidence that my little madam exudes? Whatever it is you’ve got Ella Bella, can I have some?

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