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The triplets are asleep, the macaroni cheese for tonight’s dinner is ready and so hey, why not start a blog! I’ve barely had time to clean my teeth in the last couple of years but it feels like such a shame not to be journalling at least some of what life is like these days…

Weekends can be tough when you’re a parent – we all know that, it’s nothing new.  I found the loss of any kind of ‘downtime’ hard to adjust to when I just had one little darling – add three more to the mix and well, put it this way – me and the Sunday supplements are very distant, long lost friends.

So, who are we?  There’s me -one year on from experiencing the great fun that is breast cancer and mum to the most gorgeous 8 year old called Jake and 23 month old triplets – Ella, Louis and Theo.

That’s us…oh and my ex partner who, at the moment, doesn’t feel like quite as much of an ex as he probably should. We’re getting on well again and I’m not sure if that’s a good thing….

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