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My weekend away did me good. I say weekend. It was two whole nights but just one whole day of child free-freedom. Over in the blink of an eye but oh, so necessary and… medicinal. I was giddy on the train journey there. Fidgety and fitful. I was glowing. If you’d seen me you might have thought I was on my way to meet a new lover. Now, wouldn’t that be nice…

We talked about that very subject. My soul sis and I. As we sat with wine and crisps and then wine and chocolate. We talked about everything. I was feeling hopeful. Optimistic that my life, maybe even as soon as next year, could feature someone new. Someone lovely..someone sane.

And then there was the book. The book I’d decided to write. By the spring. Easy peasy. The best selling book that would change my life, secure our future and make my loved ones proud.

And then I came home. And three of my four little angels really made me pay. For daring to venture north and away from them. For daring to embrace the bliss of two consecutive nights of uninterrupted sleep.

Ella screamed and squawked at me. Theo, my placid, angelic little cherub seemed to have been possessed and Louis…well, Louis was Louis. I was shocked at how unpleasant I became within minutes of being home. I’d lost myself again. The giddyness had gone, the bathroom sink was still blocked and the bin in the kitchen was overflowing.

This morning, I sat and thought about my idea for a book. Fidgety and fitful? More like stuck in the mud.

Book? Book, schmook…

Maybe I just need a day or two to settle back into the routine. A day or two to adjust to the contrast.

I wouldn’t be without my four for anything. But god, it’s nice to spend some time with me every once in a while.

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