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Ella, Louis and Theo appeared to quite like one another today. This is not the norm. Despite the fact that they grew inside me as one for thirty two weeks and five days, were born just minutes apart and must surely have as close a bond as is possible to have, they generally seem to go out of their way to torment, tease and torture. It’s tough to watch and painful to listen to. Where’s the love? The sibling support and sweetness? That magical connection that multiples are supposed to share? Not much sign of it around here on a daily basis.

Until today. Today there were cuddles, kisses even. Not to mention the gorgeous sound of belly laughs and giddy giggles coming from every corner of the house.

This gives me hope for a couple of reasons. The obvious one being that it’s much nicer to spend time in the company of three incredibly lively toddlers when they are happy and in harmony with one another and not drawing blood and wailing but also and forgive me for bringing down the mood, I don’t mean to…the other reason is that it shows that they do have their own relationship, their own incredible bond completely independent of me. That if, god forbid, I disappeared in a puff of smoke they would still have each other and well, life would go on.

Right now they are at the absolute peak of clinginess and so it’s hard to imagine the day when I’m not the sole object of their focus and attention.

A trip to the loo without six beady eyes watching my every move and attempting to flush the chain BEFORE I’M READY? What a lovely thought…

A shower without three noses pressed up against the perspex? Yes, Ella, you’ll have boobies like mummy one day. No, Louis darling that’s right, mummy doesn’t have a willy.

It’s a tad suffocating at times. No, really it is. Don’t tell anybody but sometimes I simply want to climb out of the bathroom window, shimmy down the drain pipe and just sit somewhere, anywhere, in absolute silence.

But where was I?

I hope they grow up not just loving but really liking each other. How amazing to go through life with a best friend to your left and another to your right.

I wish I was a triplet. Okay, so it gets a little messy at times but god, I bet it’s fun. Today it really looked like fun.

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