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I definitely need to get out more. And so does my nine year old. We are slowly but surely morphing into our very own version of George and Mildred and I think some time apart would do us both the world of good.

I caught myself this morning, on the way to school, arguing with Jake about whether one of my favourite games from childhood Connect Four was actually called Connect Four instead of Four in a Row which is how he knows it.

‘It’s Connect Four, Jake! That’s the official name!’ I stated almost angrily turning out of our drive and onto the main road. I heard myself and how ridiculous I sounded. Official name! Jeez. Take a chill pill, lady and look around you.

A mini break from me is in fact coming up for young Jakey and I’m relieved for him. This time next week he and his classmates will be on their way to Ufton Court in Berkshire. He’s dreading the prospect of being away from home for two whole days while I’m thrilled that he’s going to have a change of scene with all his mates, no lessons and more importantly, no nagging mum. In his wobbly moments we are focusing on all the fun stuff he’ll get to do – the archery and brass rubbings, the late night mischief and less on the fact that the boys are required to wear tights, ballet shoes and horror, dance with girls when they all take part in a Tudor style banquet.

It’ll do him good. Another little snip on the invisible umbilical cord that still connects us. Who am I kidding? That cord is made of steel. The reality is that Jake will no doubt be absolutely fine and I’ll be the one pining, looking at the clock and first in line at the school gates waiting anxiously for his return.

In the meantime, I think it’s time we stopped grumbling at each other at the supermarket, cosying up on the sofa night after night and got back to engaging in some good old fashioned activities more suited to a mother and son. Ludo, Monopoly and Snap. We won’t mention Connect Four.

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